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Consultants for market entry in India
India with 1.2 billion people is a gigantic market which attracts companies from all over the world.
In most sectors, investing is freely possible. Since April 2011 a further relief for investment is valid: the approvals required earlier due to Press Note 1 / 2005 (and 18/1998) for another investment, if already a JV or a technical cooperation were existing "in the same field", have been abolished.

For entry into the Indian market, you have two options: the entry (a) stand-alone with the often tedious first steps and many unfamiliar problems (business practices, personnel, etc.), and (b) purchasing an existing business. In both cases, the first major challenge is to get reliable, robust and transparent information in order to prepare decisions professionally.

buying an Indian company
you get the great advantage that immediately all relevantrelationships (at the market, suppliers, local authorities, etc.) would already be in place, and you could use such a target as the platform for
further expansion in India.

Our services include:

Market Analyses & Strategy Consulting

  Detailed Market Analysis

  Development of a Market Entry Strategy


Company Acquisition

  Preparing and executing company acquisition




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